Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't be a victim of fashion!



Hey all you fashionistas. Been decades ya? Well, it's been a tremendous journey for me since my last post. Looking back at my past styles, I slap my forehead with my pashmina and go "What was I thinking?". It's just so easy to be lost in this whole fashion craze. I guess, as ladies, we are easily influenced, especially when it comes to the physical and superficial things. Especially by those whom we admire.

Thing about fashion is, one needs to be aware is that, it might look good on someone, but would end up looking terrible on you. Fashion has to be suited to your own personality and body and what makes you feel TRULY comfortable in. When I mean TRULY, is a pure feeling of confidence, without having to ask yourself, "Do I look okay in this?", without having to check yourself in the mirror time and again just to make sure you look okay.

Good fashion should be simple and not complicated, it should not take you hours to complete your look, unless it's for a fancy event, or your own wedding. We have been brainwashed by fashion magazines here and there. I mean, it is fine to not wanting to look drab and dull, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed, because if you do, you can totally end up being a victim of fashion without realising it.

Being fashionable doesn't mean that you need to look fancy. Being fashionable doesn't need you to wear branded items. Being fashionable shouldn't make you feel jealous looking at other people's outfit. Being fashionable is about, being comfortable in your own skin, in your own choice of outfits without being influenced of the current trends.

If you're stressing out to get that latest piece of neon top you saw, or going gaga and saving up just to get your hands on that tribal skirt. Being super disappointed if an item of clothing you wanted to buy is sold out, that does mean you are a victim of fashion.

 Let us redefine fashion. Being fashionable is being you. And that you is beautiful just the way you are. *flips hijab* You tell 'em sista!!


  1. That is so true sis...n d most important thing is covering aurah d right way...

  2. Beautiful :) Cover the aurat is the first priority. Second is style

  3. Agree with u. don't be a fashion victim.. be yourself..

  4. nice bog!


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