Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hijab Styling with Sunsilk x Safiyya

Hello ladies. Not long ago I had the privilege of doing a hijab styling session for Sunsilk x Safiyya as a Scarflet. We were split into teams. Mine was with Sheril Sheridan and Nurultalktalk. The Sunsilk session was done at her boutique, Nurul Wonder Wardrobe. Here are photos from the session.
*Photos are taken from Teyn, Nurul and my own. 

Me, Nurul and Sheril
With the lovely ladies of Safiyya
With le amazing MUA Teyn
Then after the one we did with Safiyya, we had another session especially for Sunsilk. Hired Teyn again to do the makeup because I'm in love with her touch! This time we had to do our own styling, 2 styles each.

First style
Second style
This screams Hana Tajima
It's her style most definitely.
Reflection photos is a must yaw. My pose was accidental.

So do you like any of these two styles? If you do and would like for me to do a video tutorial, please do head on over to Sunsilk Malaysia | Clean & Fresh facebook app and vote for your favorite hijab style. You can select among of other styles from my other Scarflet sisters as well! The top 4 votes will have a video styling for you to try out yourself. Yay!


  1. You really look gorgeous. Love the way they have done your hijab. The scarves are soo beautiful.


  2. Salaaam.
    Masha'allah really beautiful styles, you're beautiful too.I saw a post earlier about how we muslim.girls should wear(hijab & cloths). i've always taught to cover the area were we do wodoe(wash for prayer). And I've read in the Quran; that we can show our hand(palm) and face only. The foot and the arm up to the elbow should be covered,aswell the chest and neck.(W allahu'aalam)
    From my parents I've learned if I wore skinny jeans, my tunic or shirt should be right on knee,or longer to the shins. But since I live in Europa it's hardly to find that long tunics/shirts.(Cuz I'm tall too). BTW Happy coming Eid al-fitr from Norway & Iraq.

  3. duh. Hijabster is soooo buruk :/

  4. Terasa diri anda mengalami masalah kulit muka?..Produk COLLAGEN POWDER dari Shaklee adalah jawapan yang terbaik..Jom lawat blog kami..


  5. Hi, may i know how to contact u for advertisement? hope to heard from u soon. tq

  6. hi there! I would like to invite you in a research of what we called "Hijabistas". How can I contact you? Hope to cooperate with you on this research. thanks!

  7. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    Anna @ sewa mobil jakarta


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