Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Streetattack: MAYSAA London presents LIVE FASHION / LOVE MUSIC.

Yuna ♥s. Hana


An event to fall in love.
With a live performance from Yuna
And introducing, from London to Malaysia
the new and unseen collection by www.maysaa.com

Where do I even begin? This event was AWESOME. Mainly because I met a lot of new people and met those who I've already known online. I was socializing like I never did before. I was extremely comfortable with myself because everyone was so comfortable with themselves, and it just felt warm, like a happy wholesome family. Ah, it's wonderful how the passion for fashion brought us together. Thank you Hana Tajima & Yuna for making this happen.

Oh and duhh, of course it was awesome because so many people were like crazy crazy fashionable it made me go oooooooo and aaaa and wow. And damn so many BEAUTIFUL faces. Mashallah. I just want to copy and paste their faces on mine. Okay creepy huh? Hehe. But yeah, they were really so so so pretty!! Good thing I'm a married girl, if I was a guy, there would be a yellow CAUTION WET FLOOR sign because the floor would be wet with my drool.

L-R: Eyqa Sulaiman, Lyna Kamal, Jezmine Zaidan, Farah Ilyana, Farah Azrina, Am Msvlad, Maria Elena, Ami Schaheera, Adriani Adnan, Emmy Nazoratkje, Shea Syahirah, Aishah Amin

Me: When I say 1,2,3, say MAYSAAAAAAA! Okay, 1...2...3!

In the black top is Hana Fedora who just came back from UK where she did her PhD at Imperial College. Crazy cool huh? Then next to her is... wait a sec, what do we have here? A tiny little petite hobbit, eh it's me! The top frame of my glasses covered my eyes and I end up looking like this -_- in most of the photos. Need to keep in mind that I've to push it up each time I take a photo. You know, kinda like how nerds in movies do it.

Then next to me is the beautiful Aimie Bahirah. I've always loved her outfits. And I noticed that she's been fashionable long before this whole Hana Tajima craze. I think I came across her before I discovered Hana Tajima. The three of us, Hana Fedora, me & Aimie are married, and Aimie & I are both mommies! Married and a mom yet so fashionable! Am talking about them not me, I'm still struggling to be one.

And next to Aimie, is her friend, Shahirah Elaiza who currently resides in New Zealand, and comes back to Malaysia twice a year. All these girls have such beautiful fair complexion. And of course, a great fashion sense!

Individual shot & close up of Aimie's outfit.
I love the earthy tones.

I love the soft pastel tones Sha Eliza is wearing.
I want her necklace!!

Hana Fedora's black and gray Oxford Heels

Nadya Agusyana
An Indonesian girl I approached. A very sweet girl.
I love that she can pull off these pants so well.
If I were to wear this, uh, potato sack comes to mind.

Aishah Amin, architecture lecturer.
She really knows how to architize (not a word I know) her outfit!
One of my favorites on lookbook!

I just found out about this girl very recently. I think it was from some blog who had me featured together with her. And something about her was just sparky which made me want to go check her out. Which led me to her youtube channel, where she did a tribute to teacher Shida, hilarious, and a hijab tutorial which is really really good and funny, here it is:

I really bursted into laughter when she commented on her painted nails with "I know it's so last yaarrr" Well something like that. And immediately I had an idea that I'd want to do a collaborative video with her. It might be just a one off thing, but I hope it'll be a long term project. So I was extremely excited meeting her. And I felt that we clicked. Well that's what I felt, I don't know about her though. Kang syok sendiri pulak aku. But perhaps this photo of us would be proof of our clickyness, anduhhh, whackiness. So I can imagine how crazeh will be if we do this video collaboration.

Okay, soooooo, back to the point of this blog; fashion. I really like her outfit. Simple. Something I could see myself wear. And that red bag, a perfect touch to make her subtle look pop out! And she makes me wanna get a pair of those fringe boots!! I forgot to mention her name didn't I? She's Maria Elena that is for those who don't know her already. Hee.

Okay, starting from the photos below, most of 'em I didn't really get a chance to get their names. I probably know or have come across them online, but it's hard to keep up with. I really need a more organized way to get names of the people I shoot next time. Again please do let me know your name/their names if you know 'em so I can have them mentioned.

Nur Idayu Amran, Izzah Jalidar
and nurul cakap cakap!
If you're a hijabi fashionista you'd most probably know her.
Adorable and super stylish!

Here are a few more looks that I liked.

Raihan, Farrah Ridzwan, Myra

Lyna Kamal, Hanna Rabittah, Wyda Zaidy

Shatirah Shukri
She reminds me of Selma from Scooby Doo.
Really really love the color combo here!

I absolutely adore the simplicity!
And of course how she wears her hijab.

Wait, there were boys there too ya know. And these three guys (photo below) definitely caught my eye. First is Sarah Molko's husband. Sarah Molko was the host for this event, her photo is at the beginning of this post, the one with Hana Tajima & Yuna. I was a huge fan of Sarah Molko when she was with The Official JB Riot. Years later I found her again, way different than back then but still awesome.

Then a fellow artsy fartsy friend, Fadhli Yunus. And a kid which of course being me, I did not get his name. In my opinion it's tougher trying to dress up stylishly being a guy. It's usually a t-shirt, a shirt, jeans, slacks, a t-shirt, a shirt, jeans, slacks, a .. wait so yeah you get the idea. But these 3 fellas definitely knew how to make their threads count!

Wooooh. Alrite, that's a bout it. I sure had loadsa fun, was really inspired today seeing so many people with so many gorgeous outfits at the event. And I'd like to thank those who came and approach to snap photos with me. Sorry if I ruined the shot, my face was all blerghhh. I really need to take better care of my skin, and I really should slap 'em braces on, which I was supposed to. Yes, I had the mold of my teeth done, even had those rubber bands inserted in between my teeth. Hurts like mad. Only ate rice porridge for a couple of days. And on the third day of gulping down Bubur McD, I had really really like really bad food poisoning, and ended up in the hospital for almost a week because of dehydration. So yeah, no braces for me.

That is why, in all of my pictures, I'd be smiling while my mouth is closed because my teeth is like everywhere! I really envy those with pretty teeth. But with not so nice teeth, it doesn't stop me from having a passion for fashion!


  1. im loving the pictures! they're all so stylish!

  2. wowowowow.....cntknya!!! wit their own fashion style!

  3. hello sue anna. ;) im a silent reader of ur blogs.
    hee, i was extremely ecstatic, seeing many beautiful hijabis at the event. its a good sign, and a good message to the people tht, hijabis can dress up , stylishly.
    thanks for featuring me and my girlfriends.

    :D nur raihan jasmani www.raihangoesraihan.blogspot.com

  4. salam.hello kak anna. i saw u at the event but segan mahu tegur huhu. yeah can see there are lots of stylish girls with hijabs. masyAllah VERY PRETTY! even me myself rasa down je because mmg kena ada very high self esteem ( and monayyy of course) untuk pakai macam tu hehe. anyhow i din manage to go inside the black box. so the event macam tinggal kan orang dekat luar without nothing to do. just tgk paintings which yeah, not apart of the event. and beli barang maysaa. thats all. ramai balik awal.so, it was quite disappointing.

    but anyhow i hope the muslim girls out there tak pakai tudung just for the sake inspired by hana tajima or wanna look stylish yea. The intention must be for Allah! :)

    btw ure a cute mommy ! :)

  5. Salam. Hi sue! it was nice meeting you at maysaa event. you look lovely and cute and adorable! I don't know what else to describe you so comel! hehe. anyway, thanks for featuring me on your blog. and semuanya sangat cantik, seriously (:

    here's my humble tumblr : http://pkaws.tumblr.com -Pka. hope you would visit my tumblr sebab I nak upload picture yg I tgkap dgn youu! Have a nice day sue! xx

  6. gila best. ur shots semua awesome like always!

  7. salam.. :) i really love ur style.especially the way u wear ur hijab. it suits u very well..sangat sempoi yet chic n sgt in!.

  8. anna,, its really beautiful now who wearing hijab, before this the people in malaysia do not know about the fashion hijab like this time, its most beautiful.. can i copy ur picture to my blog?

  9. salam Anna..
    Hi, my name is Nadya Agusyana. the Indonesian girl with chocolate harem pants =D
    thank youuu for posting my pict in ur blog though i feel like im the most-not-stylish in these posting =p hehehe that was the 1st time i joined an event in KL =) and i loveee it so much!
    btw can i hv ur facebook email or twitter? mine @nadyagusyana n fb: Nadya Agusyana.

  10. This is great. akak looks lovely and rockish at the same time. still keeping your identity. in love with all Maysaa collection. mustve be thrill to be there. :)

  11. Great capture mashallah


  12. Salam. Thank you. Aimi Bahirah is gorgeous! And she's soo stylish, yet does it effortlessly!

  13. Salam Pka. Everyone sangat amazing kan! Happy to have met you. I sebenarnya pernah come across your tumblr, but tak register kat otak I ni, until I dapat tau, I was like lerrr, dia ni ke. Hehehehehe. Insya-Allah we meet again!

    Sorry I lambat letak your name and link! Hehe. I pon terlepas rasanya the post of us together? Boleh bagi link takkk?

  14. Hi dear, was a wonderful event! Had so much fun!!

    Sorry it took me a while to include your name. And it was nice meeting you!

  15. Let's hope there will be more events like this!

  16. Hi Tiraaaaah. Best kan masa bergambar reramai sebut MAYSAAA tu kan. Hehehe. Nanti kita jumpa lagi kay?

  17. Twas nice meeting you too dear. And apologies for putting up ur name a tad late. Hehehe.


  18. Thank you, you girls were just ahhh drop dead gorgeous okay! I macam waaaaaah kenapa cantik sangat korang ni? Hehe.

  19. Hi beautiful. So many people adored you that day, I think this photo I took of you has been posted around tumblr. Everyone is so inspired by you!

    Would love to meet again, next time with your precious little kid!

  20. Thanks. Yeah incredibly stylish.

  21. Ahaha, wow indeed. My eyes were like whoooaaaaa.

  22. Hi dearest. I enjoyed meeting you girls. I sebenarnya sangat suka tengok you, your smile!!! So friendly. Hehehehehe.

    And really sorry for putting up your name so late!

  23. Salam. Thank you dear. True, it shouldn't be just about fashion. If we do bump into eachother again, do say hi okay? Hehe.

  24. Heyyyyy thank youuuuu.

  25. Salam. Hi!! Eh can you link me to that photo of us?

  26. Salam. Wah, thank you veghy muchaaaah.

  27. Hi dear. Sorry for the late reply. Sure you can copy it into ur blog (that is if you haven't yet!). Hehe.

  28. Salam Nadya!

    It was nice meeting you. Hopefully we can meet each other again someday! This is a late reply, now that we already have each other on twitter! Hehehe.

  29. Hello Keltoum. Thank you!

  30. Thank you dear. Yes was definitely exciting!

  31. Ooooh really? Thanks for the link!!!

  32. Hey Hana. Finally we met!!! And we will meet again insya-Allah! Hehe.

  33. Yup, got it. Thanks!

  34. hye, can i call u kak sue? i'm so new about all the hijab thingy..and i'm still trying to make me look good in it..and i really .....SUUUUUPPPPEEEEEERRRR ........attracted with your style!!! and i like all u're photos....!!!!!!! i really like it... i wish i could be like u 1 day...coz i like photography and still learning bout them! and u're such a very beautiful, wonderful, creative fashionista and PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!

  35. wow.semua gugurl brtdung skrg berani bergaya.really urban style.i likeee

  36. i am so inspired by all these pretty ladies. thank you for this entry sis sue anna. thank you.

  37. woahh ! it's make me wanna wearing hijab now ! seriously it's fun :)


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