Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't be a victim of fashion!



Hey all you fashionistas. Been decades ya? Well, it's been a tremendous journey for me since my last post. Looking back at my past styles, I slap my forehead with my pashmina and go "What was I thinking?". It's just so easy to be lost in this whole fashion craze. I guess, as ladies, we are easily influenced, especially when it comes to the physical and superficial things. Especially by those whom we admire.

Thing about fashion is, one needs to be aware is that, it might look good on someone, but would end up looking terrible on you. Fashion has to be suited to your own personality and body and what makes you feel TRULY comfortable in. When I mean TRULY, is a pure feeling of confidence, without having to ask yourself, "Do I look okay in this?", without having to check yourself in the mirror time and again just to make sure you look okay.

Good fashion should be simple and not complicated, it should not take you hours to complete your look, unless it's for a fancy event, or your own wedding. We have been brainwashed by fashion magazines here and there. I mean, it is fine to not wanting to look drab and dull, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed, because if you do, you can totally end up being a victim of fashion without realising it.

Being fashionable doesn't mean that you need to look fancy. Being fashionable doesn't need you to wear branded items. Being fashionable shouldn't make you feel jealous looking at other people's outfit. Being fashionable is about, being comfortable in your own skin, in your own choice of outfits without being influenced of the current trends.

If you're stressing out to get that latest piece of neon top you saw, or going gaga and saving up just to get your hands on that tribal skirt. Being super disappointed if an item of clothing you wanted to buy is sold out, that does mean you are a victim of fashion.

 Let us redefine fashion. Being fashionable is being you. And that you is beautiful just the way you are. *flips hijab* You tell 'em sista!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hijab Styling with Sunsilk x Safiyya

Hello ladies. Not long ago I had the privilege of doing a hijab styling session for Sunsilk x Safiyya as a Scarflet. We were split into teams. Mine was with Sheril Sheridan and Nurultalktalk. The Sunsilk session was done at her boutique, Nurul Wonder Wardrobe. Here are photos from the session.
*Photos are taken from Teyn, Nurul and my own. 

Me, Nurul and Sheril
With the lovely ladies of Safiyya
With le amazing MUA Teyn
Then after the one we did with Safiyya, we had another session especially for Sunsilk. Hired Teyn again to do the makeup because I'm in love with her touch! This time we had to do our own styling, 2 styles each.

First style
Second style
This screams Hana Tajima
It's her style most definitely.
Reflection photos is a must yaw. My pose was accidental.

So do you like any of these two styles? If you do and would like for me to do a video tutorial, please do head on over to Sunsilk Malaysia | Clean & Fresh facebook app and vote for your favorite hijab style. You can select among of other styles from my other Scarflet sisters as well! The top 4 votes will have a video styling for you to try out yourself. Yay!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes

// UPDATE  Good news! Guardian is having a sale from 22 June - 11 July 2012, and these facial wipes are selling for RM13.88. So tunggu apa lagi? Wooosh. //

Hello ladies. Removing makeup is quite a hassle. Leceh! Sometimes to the point we just sleep with our makeup on at night, and miss our solat (which is very, very, very bad) when we hang out at malls and such, cause of how difficult it is to remove, especially with waterproof makeup, and for those who like to wear foundation.

Of course, the easiest way out is to not wear makeup at all. But being girls, we appreciate looking nice and decent, so we'd prefer slapping some when going out. So, me being this kind of girl, I've had those moments of malas nak buang mekap. But now that I've finally found this Simple Facial Wipes, taking off makeup is really that simple!

I've tried a few other wipes and makeup removers. Even the ones with alcohol doesn't work as good as this one. I love how smooth and gentle it is on the skin, yet strong enough to be able to get rid of waterproof makeup. In my case it would usually be my eyeliner and at times mascara. Lipstick, a tad bit of blusher, foundation when I'm super rajin, and compact powder.

Me and my pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

A pack has 25 wipes
  • It has Pro-Vitamin B5 which actively restores, softens and smooths the skin.
  • No alcohol, no oil making it non greasy and it doesn't dry up your skin
  • No perfume, no colour. So no unnecessary or harsh chemicals so it won't upset your skin
Bought this at Caring Pharmacy for RM17.00. Not sure about the price elsewhere. May be a bit expensive for only 25 wipes, but it lasts long enough for me, AND it's big enough, you can actually cut it into two so you can save up on it. To me it's totally worth it!

Unfolded. Yup it's quite large. Big enough to cover mah face.
Folded from the pack.
The before/after use. Was wearing both waterproof mascara
& double layer eyeliner (pencil  and liquid on top)
I didn't have to wipe or rub it off my makeup extra hard. So my skin doesn't burn. I still recommend washing your face with facial soap after when your at home. Had a friend try this as well cause her eyeliner was smudged and she was super impressed how easy it was to wipe it off.

So ladies. If you haven't already, I highly recommend this Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. A must have to bring along in your bag. Also comes in handy when there's no water to wash your hands. I also use it to wipe my son's mouth and hands when he's all messy after eating.

Definitely something I can't go out without. I'd even go buy a new pack when I forget to bring it along!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yay, Alhamdulillah. Another feature. This time in COSMOPOLITAN MALAYSIA (April 2012). Shared some steps on how to style your hijab. Featured alongside Ila Damia. Met great people during the shoot of this. Anida Salwani the features editor, Nurul Azwa the art director, and my buddy Bibo Aswan who was hired as the photographer for this shoot. Baidevei.. glamer tak ai masuk majalah skali dengan Selena Gomez?! Menyampah yaaw. Alright, do go get yourself a copy!! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bawal Power

No not talking about the kedai makan Bawal Power. I'm talking bout the Tudung Bawal yo, not Keli, not Kembung, not Siakap, it's the BAWAL yaww. #lamejokealert. Jyeah. The Bawal used to be the most super famous type of tudung evarrr. They even had grades for it based on the quality of the thread. Super #win points if they had embroideries in it, beads and whatnot.

Been a while, well actually it has been a very long while since I wore the Bawal. Been wearing the pashmina / shawl / selendang / kain panjang lilit-lilit sampai terbelit kind of hijab. Thinking that the Bawal is out of fashion, 'skema', nerdy, goody-goody and not cool at all. Tsk tsk tsk. Bad hijabster thinking, bad bad.

So as of late I've been super stressed. And when I'm super stressed I start to get really lazy to pick out what to wear, and just throw whatever that feels comfortable enough. And most definitely, damn lazy to be wrapping my shawls around my head, cause it does take time to have it wrapped around the head to be fashionably delish. Soooooooooooooooooooo. I decided, fudge this. Went down to my mom's room and took grabbed a Bawal. And, tadaaaaaaa, here's a picture:

Being the social media whore I am, uploaded this to Twitter and FB, and it was a hit. I have over 170 likes for this photo. Hilarious. So not expected cause this was me dressing down. All my other photos where I was all hijabsterish didn't have as many likes as this one did. Ahaa. Anyway, thought it was funny that people responded to this very well. I guess at some point you/I do get tried of seeing this whole Jedi-ish hijab wearers everywhere.

Hey, I still do go for the Jedi look, but not as much as I used to. Cause it's starting to look like a uniform for hijab wearing fashionistas. We secretly have an unofficial but compulsory known rule that "It is compulsory for all hijabsters to  do the Jedi on your head-i." If only light sabers came with, now that would be the ultimate fashion statement.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion & Islam. Can they mix?

Wow it's been way too long since I last updated this blog. Not to mention my lookbook as well. I've two reasons, one; I've been busy with college and life, two; after appearing on TV Al-Hijrah's Assalamualaikum with my lovely Scarflet sisters there were 'comments' left on that show's FB page about our little section. And these comments, just made me feel uncomfortable. I'm not one who can shove people's opinions aside just like that. Especially, when it has got to do with the choices I make in life, something that seems as simple as the choice of what I wear.

The big question we 'hijabsters' as some of you call us is "Can fashion + covering the aurah mix?". Of course we don't want to go out looking drab. In other words we want to look good. Which brings me to the next question.. "Who do we want to look good for?". The public? Ourselves? Then we tend to justify ourselves.. giving all sort of reasons as to why we dress up 'fashionably'.

Seeing the trend these days, myself included, I feel that we are drifting further and further away from the core reason of the hijab. It's not only about covering the hair on our head, but all other parts of the body as well. I'm pretty sure all Muslim girls/women understand the concept of covering your aurah. Unfortunately we do not apply this concept as a whole. We only take bits and pieces which we feel are convenient. We customize according to our own tastes and desires. Why? To look beautiful of course. Is it wrong to wanting to look beautiful? No. But, perhaps the things we do, in this case, the things we wear might not be quite appropriate. 

Those who claim, "I know what I'm doing.. I do it for Islam. I do it for the love for Allah.." DO WE REALLY? I'm sure that is somewhat our intention but I believe we mainly do it for ourselves or perhaps the society who tend to be so judgmental, or maybe for the facebook likes, or feeling good about yourself when people compliment your look, e.t.c..

I still do think it is OKAY to be fashionable. But, it's just so easy to cross the line. So let's wear it right. I've had this campaign in my BUDU DAN BELACAN blog for a while now. It's a bout time I shared this here as well.

It's not easy, but it's possible. I still have my skinny jeans that I've yet to throw out. And I still smack some make up, just enough so I won't look like a zombie, but sometime a little more so I'd look like a pretty zombie. Acchkkk Achhkkk *zombie sounds*.

Now, let's all try to by better a better Muslimah. Allah loves us,how about we show Him that we do too! So let's wear it right. 

This entry was inspired by this video done by this young lady, Adibah, which I found via Deya Zanial

I agree with every single word she says. "Just put Islam before fashion" ~Adibah Awg

Monday, August 8, 2011

Featured: IAMJETFEULshop Magazine #1

It's such an honor to be featured in the first issue of IAMJETFUELshop's first issue. If you don't know yet (where have you been?), ahaha, it's Yuna's little sweet shop of fashion mayhem located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Now I think Yuna purposely included me in this issue because she want's to make me feel guilty for not coming over to her shop. Eeek, and she's been to my studio (now closed) twice already!! For the opening and a photoshoot with Bakri Hafiz Hisham who rented the studio. *sweat of guilt*

Okay so here's the magazine. I'm on the second last page cause I'm special like that. Or not. But they do say, keep the best for last eh? Weee. Scuse ma self complimenting moment there. Do be patient, some of the pages takes a while to load.

I know it's been a while since I've posted any new looks. I do have them, but since it's the Ramadhan, thought I'd put that on hold for a while. Thinking of talking about Islam & fashion in one of my posts. I've actually drafted many posts about this, worried I might say the wrong thing, since it seems to be a touchy issue. Let me gather more info before I write up a post and hopefully come up with a healthy discussion.

Okay, till then. For my Muslim readers, do have a splendid Ramadhan full of barakah! And to the rest, mwahs, mwahs, much love. Keep on looking and feeling fabulous!
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